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June 30, 2013
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“Good morning.” The familiar voice greeted him. He rose from his bed slightly as he was welcomed with the usual breakfast that sat on a tray for him. He smiled, nodding his head as a thank you and began to eat. The other crawled into the bed with him and began to eat his food as well.

“So what are your plans today?” He asked the other, who shrugged his shoulders in response

“I don’t know, really.” He said as he ate more of his noodles in soy sauce. “I think I’ll just stay at home, I don’t feel like doing too much today.” He finished.

“Well Germany called you this morning, that’s what woke me up at first.” He went one after he ate more of the noodles. “He left a message saying ‘Kiku, Feliciano has official gotten on my shit list’ or something like that. I didn’t listen all the much, I thought it was funny.” He chuckled slightly. Kiku did too, but a bit quitter.

“He gets on everyone’s nerves after a while, but he means well.” Kiku said placing the empty bowl of noodles on table. “I’ll take that in later.” Hercules nodded his head, finishing up his noodles.

“Well I need to go to the pet store and pick up some cat food. We’re all out.” Hercules said motioning to the cat that slept peacefully on the bed.

“Better get there soon,” Kiku started, getting up from the soft bed and took the two bowls in each of his hands. “There’s going to be a storm at around nine-ish. I don’t want you to get caught in it.” He started to walk to the doorway.

“Well I’ll go now. I don’t want to get dressed.” He whined. Kiku turned around and looked at him. Hercules’s hair was a mess, his white T-shirt had stains all over it and his plaid pajama pants had a hole at the knee. Kiku raised his eyebrow.

“Go get dressed, please.” He started walking down the stairs. He heard Hercules groan in displeasure but he rolled his eyes playfully.

“Do I have to brush my hair, mom?” Hercules called out childish like. Kiku laughed.

“Do you want to look homeless!?”

“I don’t care! I’m just getting cat food!”

“Brush your hair!

“12.99 for Meow Mix?...” Hercules said quietly, confusion swept across his face. “What kind of ‘deals’ are these?” He scoffed, but grabbed the bag anyway.

He walked up to the cash register, placing it on the table as she took out the scanner to scan the item. Her brown hair was pulled back into a high pony tail, her name tag read ‘Cathy’.

“Anything else you might want?” Her voice high, her smile bright. Hercules looked around, a smile slightly on his face.

“Maybe just a little more…”
Hercules walked home, thinking about his relationship with Kiku. He was happy, don’t get him wrong. But there was something that he found quite boring about his relationship. They still had sex, just less of it and there was nothing too interesting or ‘different’ with it. He loved Kiku to death, but he could be characterless at times. Kiku wasn’t too wild, which was fine, but Hercules sometimes enjoyed a bit of untamed, free behavior.

He walked up the steps to his home, Kiku waiting inside. The clouds were getting darker, the wind speed up as he pushed open the door, it slamming shut once he was in from the wind.

“You weren’t kidding about the storm.” Hercules said with slight humor in his voice. Kiku didn’t hear what he said but looked at the two bags he had in his hands.

“What’s in the other bag?” Kiku questioned pointing towards it. “ I thought you only went out for cat food.”

“I did get cat food.” He said as he took it out of the bag, holding it up. He sat the other bag on the table, pointing at the cat food bag. “13.00 dollars for this, I mean really.” Hercules said as their cat, Oliver came up and rubbed against the bag as he sat it down.

“That’s a bit much. That won’t even last him a week.” Kiku said taking a dish out for Oliver. Oliver meowed as he saw Kiku pouring the cat food in the dish. He sat it on the ground. He leaned up against the counter. “What’s in the other bag?” Hercules blushed, his hands going shaky as he started to second guess his thought of this.

“Um… Well, I thought it’d be cool if we spiced things up a bit.” He said as he put his hands on one of the items. Kiku rolled his eyes.

“Our love live isn’t like a soup… You can’t spice it up.”

“Yes you can! You can always make it more interesting. When something tastes interesting, you want to keep going back for more, and currently, our relationship is…” Hercules hesitated, but then thought something should be said. “A little bland.”

“Fine… There isn’t any sex toys in there, is there?! I didn’t even think they’d have sex stores in this town we live in, so family oriented.” Kiku went on, but was shushed by Hercules.

“No, they’re little cat ears, and I got you a little cat collar.” He said taking them out. Kiku blushed.

“Aren’t they cute?” He passed him the pink collar with a little bell in the middle.

“Will this be too small?” Kiku asked, but Hercules shook his head.

“No, I got this in the plus size cat section. You’re an obese cat!” Hercules joked but Kiku rolled his eyes again.

“Well thank you for calling me an overweight cat. If Prussia was here, I’d be a ‘fat pussy’.” Kiku glared as Hercules chuckled.

“But it takes one to know one, correct?” Hercules went on, walking up to the bedroom. Kiku followed.

“Yeah, that girl… what’s here name? Hungary? Yeah, his girlfriend’s got a fat pussy.” Kiku said sternly as Hercules broke out in laughter. Hercules put his hand up, turning his fingers into claws as he scratched the air, then making a hissing noise.

“You’re a feisty kitty today, aren’t you?” Hercules joked. Kiku nodded his head.

“Well, when you give me these cat ears that are meant for children, a collar that’s for obese cats, and say our relationships boring… You get a bit feisty.” He said walking into the door way of their room, sitting on their bed with a sigh.

“Baby,” Hercules started, sitting down next to Kiku, his hands on his shoulders rubbing them gently. “I don’t think you’re fat.” Kiku groaned.

“I know, it’s just you said we’re boring…” Kiku looked down, his eyes resting on the closed door. Hercules put his chin the nook of Kiku’s neck, closing his eyes and swaying him slightly.

“I’m doing this for the best. I won’t leave you, I promise. But I think we need more… more romance.”
Kiku turned around, positioning himself so he sat in Hercules’s lap, his hands on his shoulders. Hercules smiled, rubbing Kiku’s side lovingly. Kiku leaned in, his lips puckered out and a faint blush on his cheeks. He leaned in, kissing him lightly. Kiku saw the white and pink cat ears, putting them on the top of his head. His blush was getting darker as he stretched out the collar then wrapped it around his small neck. Hercules watched Kiku, a smile on his face.

“You make a cute little kitty.” Hercules cooed as he snaked his arms behind Kiku’s bottom half, pulling his back onto the bed with him. Kiku rested on top of him, the bell slightly jiggled. “The only thing you’re missing is a tail, but I think we can do without.” He went on, kissing Kiku quickly then pulled away.

Kiku tangled his fingers in Hercules’s hair, his eyes going half lidded.

“So you wanted a spicier love life?” Kiku asked, his voice gone a bit lower, his eyes starting to become glazed over. Hercules raised his eyebrows, a smirk on his face as he shook his head. “Well” He started, sitting up, now straddling him. “Come and get it, you know, since you wanted it so bad.” He finished, the ‘o’ in ‘so’ was lingered longer in Hercules’s ears since Kiku stretched it out.

Hercules put his hands underneath Kiku’s arm pits, pulling him closer down to him. He kissed him, longer this time, his tongue playing with the bottom of his lip. Kiku pulled away, a smile on his face.

“What? I want in!” Hercules whined, making Kiku chuckle.

“I thought it’d be funny.” Kiku said going back for his lips, this time running his tongue across his bottom lip. Hercules opened his mouth up slightly, letting Kiku come in. They fought for control over each other, but Kiku let Hercules win.

Hercules tangled his tongue with his. Kiku occasionally gave off a moan into his mouth, Hercules gladly swallowing them each time they came his way.

Kiku pulled away for good this time, looking up and down Hercules abdomen. He bit his lips slightly, pulling the shirt over his head, his brown hair getting ruffled in the process. Hercules took the shirt in his hand, tossing it over to the floor. Kiku felt Hercules’s hand sneak back behind him, giving his bottom a squeeze, making him yelp slightly. Hercules crashed his lips back onto his, but turned Kiku onto his back.

Hercules kissed Kiku’s lips a farewell, and then went down to his neck searching for the soft spot. Kiku tangled his fingers in his brown hair again, feeling him brush it slightly. Once he got the hint, he glazed over the spot with his lips lightly, sucking and licking the spot teasingly. Kiku’s moans flooded the air, making Hercules have a heat wave surge through his body.

“Meow?” Hercules heard, looking up at Kiku but his eyes were closed, his lips locked shut with hums coming from deep within his throat. And plus, it was too high for his voice. “Meow?” it said again. Hercules didn’t stop kissing Kiku’s neck, but opened his eyes forward, seeing their white fluffy cat, Oliver staring at him questionably. “Meow?” He said again, Kiku still not noticing. Hercules furred his eyebrows, waving his arm at Oliver who only stood still with the puzzled look. Hercules scooted closer to Oliver, pushing him off the bed as he scurried away. Hercules licked the spot roughly, making Kiku hiss with pleasure. Hercules pulled away, chuckling deeply.

“You’re acting just like a kitty now.” He said petting Kiku’s black choppy hair, kissing him one more time. Kiku got up, turning Hercules so he was on his back once more. He took his pants, and pulled them down, seeing Hercules harden member. Kiku blushed like the first time. He pulled down his boxers as he felt Hercules’s green orbs on him intently. Kiku wrapped his hand around his members, making Hercules suck in more air. Kiku started to pump his hand slightly as he took the head in his mouth. Kiku licked around the tip, his tongue gliding across the smooth skin easily. He moved his tongue back up, running over the slit making Hercules hum with joy and his fingers to coil in the black hair.

“A-a-ah…” He shakily let out, feeling Kiku go further down as his tongue twirled around the shaft. He felt the head of his member slightly pump into the back of Kiku’s throat, making him moan even louder. Kiku giggled slightly, the vibrations going down the shaft in till hit the bottom of it, spreading out through the sack at the end. Kiku pulled off of his member and started to pump him roughly, making Hercules roll his eyes in the back of his head. His head fell back as he stared up at the ceiling; his moans filled Kiku’s ears.

“Are you at close, baby?” Kiku asked his voice dripping with want. Hercules shook his head, panting slightly. Kiku smiled, going back to the tip. He swirled his tongue on the top, occasionally slipping and hitting the sides. He then went all the way down slowly, hitting the base with his teeth carefully. He then started to come back up, his teeth gently slid across the skin, the sensation making him dangle off the edge. Kiku came back up, making a ‘pop’ when the suction was lost. Kiku went back to the head, sucking it harshly then used his tongue to rub up against it, making Hercules finally be pushed off the edge. He moaned loudly, his hand went into Kiku’s hair and pulled it roughly, pushing him slightly further down as he came into his mouth. Once he was done, Kiku lifted off of his member, swallowing every last drop. He then kissed Hercules’s member, looking up at the panting Greek man.

“You’re too fucking good.” Hercules panted, flipping Kiku over, taking off his clothes. Once the clothing was off, he kissed Kiku franticly, taking off his boxers and grabbing his member carefully, trying not to hurt him. “Are you ready?” He asked, pumping Kiku lightly. Kiku nodded with his eyes shut tightly, enjoying the attention. Hercules nodded his head, positioning himself at Kiku’s entrance then slowly pushed in. They both gasping with the oh, so missed connection.

“Ahh… Kiku…” Hercules groaned, rolling his hips into Kiku, who gasped even louder. Hercules kept pumping Kiku, this time a tad faster. Kiku moaned louder, pushing his head in the back of the bed, Hercules kept the pace of his hips going faster with more pressure. The sound of skin on skin and moan flooded the room and their ears. Hercules loved the gasps coming from Kiku and Kiku loved the grunts and pants coming from Hercules.

Kiku felt his ending near as Hercules gave him his last few strokes as he came into his hand. Hercules licked his fingers of the substance. He felt his ending near as well.

“A-a-ahhh Kiku…” Hercules started, he feeling the hanging over the edge once more. “I’m almost there!” He confessed, giving a few more thrusts then came. He groaned as he disconnected from Kiku, falling onto the bed. “I love you.” He said, as he wrapped his arms around Kiku. Kiku took off the collar and the ears, throwing them on the ground.

“Ever make me do that again I won’t have sex with you for three months, you understand?” Kiku hissed as he got off the bed, Hercules held his hands up in defense.

“I’m sorry, but it did spice things up… I’m coming for some more.” He kissed Kiku again, pulling him back to the bed.
Another lemon! Woe! How unpredictable! But everyone says this pairings boring…. Not today ;3
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PrussiaxEnglandxLau Feb 13, 2014  Student General Artist
LOVE it!
Ok, that was awes-:iconideaplz:
Oh my gods
Want to know what would make it perfect?
No, not that way (Though that wouldn't be bad...:icondirtythoughtsplz:)
If Kiku got turned into a neko by accident while for some reason hanging out with Arthur.
Hatch little plot bunnies.
MadHattress77 Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One thing I also noticed in the PrussiaxAustria story... When you write that someone 'shakes his head', reading the story I assume you meant 'nods', since 'shaking your head' is to say no... Just saying:)
That said... I LOVEDLOVEDLOVEDLOVED IT!!!!!:iconfangasmingplz: 

kaioshinfan Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Wait till Turkey hears this XDXDXDXDXDXD
MaximosBlack Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Lol maybe he could have spiced things up?...
kaioshinfan Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Dude!!!Do you think he'll do it?
MaximosBlack Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
kaioshinfan Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Of course they would Greece and Turkey both hate each other.
MaximosBlack Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Like RusAme, people will just assume its sexual tension.
tormentadeluz Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOLOLOL "ever make me do that again..."
I've learned from this story... #penedeactivacion XD
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